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Yes, it’s another blog about fashion; HOWEVER it’ll be a little different from those you usually read. Let’s see why that is...

It’s the first post and that makes it special. I want to introduce myself to you and I want you to get to know me. I wouldn’t like to become only “that girl from the photo”, that’s why I’d like to show you I’m a real person with my own character and experiences that created my life.

Nevertheless, it’s supposed to be the blog about fashion, so there will be definitely more reflections and remarks on fashion than stories from my private life, because that’s not what it’s about, is it?

I’ll try to tell you the story of my life, putting the accent on fashion:

This information you can find about most of the people interested in fashion: as I was a young girl, I dressed the dolls up, I dolled myself up checking my look in the mirror, I sketched my first designs, blah, blah, blah... That’s the truth about me too. I am descended from the family with sartorial traditions, so some of my memories from the childhood are thread spools and lots of snips (that’s what we call the cloth leftovers) laying here and there all over my house. And I remember my grandmother, GRANDMA Zosia, a beautiful woman who was always fashionably dressed, driving in her car and travelling the world.

When I was a teenager I experimented trying to find my own way to express myself, my own style. It was usually related to the music I used to listen, you know how it goes...

Then studies – I dreamt of studying at the Academy of Fine Arts (course: industrial design), but I ended up at the study of culture at the Silesian University. I found that course interesting, BUT I wasn’t satisfied with only learning theory about what I actually wanted to do. At last my MA thesis. I decided to write about fashion, which was a real challenge, as there weren’t any previous works on the issue. I worked on “Fashion depicted in the language basing on Twój Styl (fashion magazine) articles in 1991-2001”.

After graduation I decided to go into fashion professionally. I set up my own business and I design clothes labelled “Livia Clue”.

And here’s the heart of the matter...

On this blog, except presenting my wardrobe stylisations, I will publish my own designs, clothes from new collections and ideas of wearing them. I love what I do and my life revolves around fashion. I’d like to share my thoughts and ideas with someone – can you talk with men (in my case with
a husband) about clothes for hours? Suuuureee... I’m also curious about your opinions on my designs.

Well, I hope that this blog will also intrigue you with my designs and help me to popularize them. Maybe there are some of my new Regular Customers among you. Clothes, which you’d particularly like, will be able to be won in the competitions I am going to organize!

I try to get better all the time, I learn on my mistakes; I motivate myself again and again when the life isn’t easy for me... I hope that thanks to this blog and thanks to you I will work and design with renewed vigour and (maybe) your support. We’ll see...

OK, that’s all about me, I promise this is the first and the last post, which is so long – now mostly photos and stylisations.

Oh, I must mention one more thing which doesn’t have a lot in common with fashion. I’m a proud mother - I have a cute one-year-old son named DORIAN, who’s the love of my life and everything I do and will do, will be done mostly for HIM!!! ;*

Seeia – that means ‘bye’ in Hungarian, but how to spell this… hmmm…



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